CKVS Needs Your Help!

Please read this through and consider carefully!

As a non profit society, Voice of the Shuswap continues to operate only because of your financial support. If that support is not sufficient, we can’t pay the rent and the station goes off the air. At this time, the balance remaining in our operating account is critically low. If you love us, help us keep the lights on.
We apply for grants from many agencies and have been successful with some. However almost without exception the grant funds may only be used for the special project associated with the application. Grant funds are not eligible to be used for day-to-day operations.
Our funding for daily operations comes from the following sources:
– Sales and renewals of annual Society memberships
– Sales of advertisements
– Fees recieved from sponsors of weekly programs
– Fundraising events held several times annually.
– General donations
It is vital that this revenue stream be available to meet our daily expenses. For the many hundreds of you who have indicated support for our efforts on our social media sites, please consider adding a financial component by taking out a Society membership immediately using the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of this page. It costs no more than one trip to the coffee shop.
For business owners, our advertising rates and sponsorships are very affordable. Check our program listing and you will find many of your favorite shows do not have sponsors. A sponsorship is a great way to keep your business name in the awareness of our listeners.
Many of you have indicated you hesitate to donate because Voice of the Shuswap is not a charitable organization. Good News! Our landlord, Aspiral Youth Partners Association, is a registered charity. Now, you can donate specifically towards our studio rental and get a charitable tax receipt. Simply make your cheque out directly to Aspiral Youth Partners Association, then send it or bring it to the Downtown Activity Centre, stipulating that you want your donation to be applied to the “Voice of the Shuswap” fund. Please donate today.

Oh, and if you have any spare bucks, please access the “Donate” button below to instantly top up our bank account by any amount you feel OK with!