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Various Hosts on the show Discovering and Sharing Shuswap History
2017-11-12 Stories From Rollie Jamieson
2017-10-08 The Montebello Project
Tracey Kutschker and Louise Wallace-Richmond on their show Artscape
2018-02-16 Shuswap Theatre
2018-02-02 Cultural Event Promotion
2018-01-26 Looking Forward
2017-12-06 The F Word –

2017-11-29 Board Governance
2017-11-22 Arts BC Insight Team
2017-11-08 Arts BC and Catch-up
2017-11-01 Romeo and Juliet
2017-04-26 150 Voices
2017-03-22 International Poetry Week
2017-03-08 Women and Collaboration
2017-01-25 Art of Comedy
2017-01-18 Unplug and Play
2017-01-11 Canada 150
2016-12-07 Art and the UN Sustainable Goals
2016-11-30 The UN Sustainable Goals
2016-11-23 Art of Cookies
2016-11-16 Art of the Sandwich
2016-11-09 Art of Reflection
2016-11-02 Cult Classics
2016-10-19 150 Voices
2016-10-12 Fake It ’til You Make It
2016-09-28 Shuswap Theatre Mary Poppins
2016-09-21 Back To Design School
2016-09-14 At The Movies
2016-09-07 Art of Travel
2016-06-22 Art of Publishing
2016-06-08 Virtual Public Art Tour
2016-05-25 Art For Your Home
2016-05-18 Social Innovation
2016-04-27 Cultural Planning
2016-04-20 Trail Mix
2016-04-06 Art of Aaron Leon
2016-02-24 Art of Everyday Design
2016-02-17 Maker Space
2016-02-10 Art of Holidays
2016-02-03 The Artist As Entrepreneur
2016-01-27 Books and Literacy
2016-01-20 Art of Optimism
2016-01-13 The Cheese Show
2016-01-06 Women We Admire
2015-12-09 Art of Chocolate
2015-11-18 Art of Evolving Language
2015-10-14 Artscape Cafe
2015-09-23 Art of Knitting
2015-08-19 Public Radio
2015-07-15 Theatre On The Edge
2015-07-08 Art of Installation
2015-06-24 Art of Summer Camp
2015-06-17 Art of Plein Air
2015-06-10 Live Music – WOW
2015-06-03 Art of Giving
2015-05-27 Art of Transportation
2015-05-20 Art of Happiness
2015-05-13 Art of Decision Making
2015-05-06 Art of the Bicycle
2015-04-29 Shuswap Theatre
2015-04-22 Environmental Art
2015-04-15 Arts Exploration
2015-04-08 Arts Participation
2015-04-01 Art of Appropriation
2015-03-25 Art of Paying Attention
2015-03-18 Young Adult Fiction
2015-03-11 The Demographic Arts
2015-03-04 Art of Engagement
2015-02-25 Art of Public Speaking
2015-02-18 Art of the Big Show
2015-02-11 Art of Good Citizenship
2015-02-04 Art of Retail
2015-01-28 Art of Good Sportsmanship
2015-01-21 Artists of Game On
2015-01-14 Art of Play
2015-01-07 Art of the Comic Strip
2014-12-17 Art of Celebration
2014-12-10 Women In Art
2014-12-03 Art of Meetings
2014-11-23 Art of Colour
2014-11-19 Art of Change
2014-07-09 Summer Jobs
2014-07-02 Summer Jobs in the Arts
2014-06-18 Arts Based Community Development
2014-06-11 Arts Teachers Job Actions
2014-05-28 Teachers
2014-05-21 About Professional Artists
2014-05-14 Tracey and Louise
2014-04-02 Sharda Murray-Keiken
2014-03-19 Roger Parenteau, Wednesday on the Wharf
2014-02-19 Marcus Smith, Shuswap Theatre
2014-02-05 Louise Wallace-Richmond
2014-01-29 Jennifer Findlay, LASS co-ordinator
2014-01-08 Gabriele Klein, Kamloops Symphony
2013-11-13 Asha Pratt-Johnson
2013-11-06 Julia Body
2013-10-30 Joanne Mason, Louise Wallace and Vickie Maurer
2013-09-11 Warren Welter
2013-09-04 Jeremy Shantz
Edgar Murdoch on his show Driving Through My Memories
2014-06-28 Medical Marijuana
2013-06-29 LGBT
Jeanne Hill on her show Let’s Make a Difference
2015-05-14 Judy Evans
Gail Mowatt on her show The Muse
2014-08-06 Frances Hatfield
Provincial Election Coverage May 9, 2017
North Okanagan Shuswap MLA Candidates:
Kevin Babcock – BC Green Party
Greg Kyllo – BC Liberal Party
Sylvia Lindgren – BC NDP
Kyle McCormack – Libertarian Party

All Candidates Forum from the SASCU Rec Centre April 24
Forum part 1
Forum part 2
Forum part 3

Federal Election Coverage October 19, 2015
North Okanagan Shuswap MP Candidate interviews
Chris George (Green), interviewed by Bill Remphrey
Cindy Derkaz (Liberal), interviewed by Warren Bell
Jacquie Gingras (NDP), interviewed by Bill Remphrey
Mel Arnold (Conservative), interviewed by Mae Wandinger
All Candidates Forum from the SASCU Rec Centre September 17
Forum part 1
Forum part 2
FAIR VOTE CANADA presented Make 2015 The Last Unfair Election at Okanagan College on February 18, 2015 (audio transcripts)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Salmon Arm civic election coverage November 15, 2014
Voice of the Shuswap’s The Morning Show
Marty Bootsma
Debbie Cannon
Nancy Cooper
Ian Wickett
School Trustee interviews
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
All Candidates Forum live from the Prestige Inn Salmon Arm (audio transcripts)
Mayoral Candidates
Council Candidates Part 1
Council Candidates Part 2
City Councillor candidate interviews
Alan Harrison, Chad Eliason, Diana Altschul, Ivan Idzan, Jay Cadeau, Jim Kimmerly, Ken Jamieson, Kevin Flynn, Louise Wallace Richmond, Ruth Thomas, Tim Giandomenico, Tim Lavery, Tom Birch
On April 1, 2011 Corin Raymond performed his Bookworm show at the Salmon Arm Art Gallery. Steve Corrie was there and recorded his performance…
Bookworm Part 1
Bookworm Part 2
The following five audio productions represent our proud inaugural offering from Voice of the Shuswap Broadcast Society’s community producers. Featuring the themes our membership wants us to explore: local experts, First Nations, art groups, history, spirituality, and the unique talents from our local community.
Hallowe’en Where did the celebration come from?
Les Ellenor, retired English professor of Okanagan College in interview with Dan MacQuarrie. This discussion gives some of the fascinating background as to why we celebrate this peculiar holiday.
The Tale of the Haunted Cookie Jar
An original radio play written by Aileen Brand. Directed by Patrick Allwood. Characters: Thief one: Thom Wescott, Thief two: Randy Brogden, Father: George Rithaler, Mother: Julia Body, Daughter: Karen Wilson, Son: Madeleine Genn, Ghost: Patrick Allwood. This original radio play was inspired by a visit to a new antique shop where Aileen saw a cookie jar in the shape of a sheep which she thought rather strange. This morphed in an even stranger fashion in her mind into a castle and further to that a haunted one. That’s how some plays get written.
If You Go Into The Woods Tonight…
Using audio sound effects only, musician Richard Sevigny creates a frightening soundscape. Richard Sevigny is a healthcare professional and musician with interests in recording live sound. Original music was created by Richard and Alex Sevigny, animal sound clips came from various sources on the internet, as well, human sounds were created by Richard and Robyn Sevigny – first time Foley artists.
Secwepemc First Nations Fall Tradition
Enjoy listening to a discussion about traditions and beliefs with Secwepemc leader Louis Thomas and CKVS-FM interviewer, F.G. Paul Clarke.
R J Haney’s Spooktacular Hallowe’en
Even if you have, you’ve never heard it like this before! Hear Skylar Plourde’s audio documentary featuring Susan Mackey.