Radio Reception Restored

May 19 – A successful service trip to the CKVS radio transmitter site at the top of Tappen Mountain has restored our broadcast signal strength to normal. A reconaissance mission by ATV on May 13 revealed that the suspected antenna damage had not in fact occurred and that the degraded signal was due to malfunction of a piece of the transmitter gear.
Voice of the Shuswap wishes to thank Shuswap Xtreme Recreation for providing the side x side ATV and driver Wes Gano for the May 13 trip.
The return trip on May 19 revealed a wiring fault inside our linear amplifier which created an overheated connection and resulted in intermittent outages of our signal. Our technician believes this fault to be responsible for a number of nuisance outages over the past two years. Now that this issue has been corrected we expect a more consistent access to the Voice of the Shuswap program offerings. Thanks to Nathan Meakes who accompanied our technician and assisted with clearing the trail of fallen trees so that the trucks could pass.

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