CKVS-FM 93.7 Voice of the Shuswap is your community radio station and is broadcast in FM stereo at 93.7 MHz in the Shuswap Lake area and is also available as an internet audio stream. CKVS-FM Coverage Area Map
The transmitter uses low power FM (LPFM) as is common for community stations and does not have the higher power of commercial stations. LPFM stations are required by law to provide a listening area that does not exceed a radius of 8 KM from the antenna (see map). However, the station can be heard at a greater distance subject to interference. Reports indicate the station can be heard clearly on most auto radios in the communities of Salmon Arm, Sorrento, Enderby and Sicamous. In Salmon Arm, the station can be picked up clearly at most residences using a portable radio with a telecoping rod antenna. CKVS-FM can also be received on most clock and table radios after taking the following action to ensure the built-in antenna is effective: method 1 – (radio uses power cord as antenna), ensure cord is not coiled up but stretched out in a line if possible. method 2 (radio has attached coiled wire antenna), ensure wire is unfurled and stretched out to it’s approximate 30 inch length. (For CKVS it is best if the wire is stretched vertically)

Compatible media players for our internet stream include: iTunes, VLC Media Player, Winamp and Windows Media Player.
Note: To use older Windows Media Players (prior to v12) to play the stream, install this AAC+ plugin first. Then with the Orban plug-in installed, you can use this link.

In iTunes, select File, Open Stream (Ctrl+U) and enter
In VLC Player, select Media, Open Network Stream (Ctrl+N) and enter
In Winamp, select File, Open URL.. (Ctrl+L) and enter
In Windows Media Player, select File, Open URL… (Ctrl+U) and enter

Another convenient way to listen to our stream is by use of an internet radio app. We recommend Radioplayer Canada or TuneIn. Both can be accessed using the buttons on our home page. In addition, you can download the free app on any iOS, Android or Windows mobile device. Just search for “CKVS” and enjoy.

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      Yes! We have a Radio Skills workshop which runs approximately every two months. Please send a request to “” if you are interested in being placed on the waiting list.

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      You can access our stream using a number of different methods: If you use one of the media players mentioned above on this page, follow the instructions there. Or, to use a web-based player – go back to our home page and click the Radio Player Canada or TuneIn buttons.

  1. Hi Dan

    Our son Rhett Kingston will be playing for the Salmon Arm Silverbacks this season. We are just getting to know the team and were wondering who is the play by play announcer. We have family from all across Canada that tune in to the games.

    Thank you for supporting Junior hockey. We appreciate it.

    Michael and Leah Kingston

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