CKVS-FM 93.7

Community radio is coming to Salmon Arm!

On August 21, 2012 the CRTC license application by Voice of the Shuswap Broadcast Society was finally approved. Community radio took one giant step closer to being on air.

Then on September 4, VSBS received authorization from Industry Canada to commence construction of the transmitting site, and the Society began the process of installation on Tappen Mountain. During the week of September 10-14, an equipment shelter was acquired, modified and transported to the tower site, where space has been rented on an existing facility owned by Airspeed Wireless.
Today the CKVS-FM antenna is in place on the tower. The transmitter is has been installed and has passed inspection by Industry Canada. The equipment is currently undergoing a period of mandatory on-air testing and tuning. The society hopes to have the station broadcasting on a limited daily schedule by the end of this year and to gradually increase programming to full capacity during 2013 with the support from the community of listeners, members & volunteers.
A community radio station relies on members to operate to its full potential — and being a member has its perks! Not only will you be supporting and participating in local radio programs; you will also have the chance to receive discounts at many local businesses with the VSBS Member Card Program. And you will have an opportunity to take on roles such as writer, researcher or producer.

Voice of the Shuswap Community Radio will feature a wide diversity of programming including talk programs and local and world music shows in English as well as in other languages relevant to the area the station serves.
Voice of the Shuswap’s call sign is CKVS-FM, and its frequency can be found on your radio dial at 93.7 MHz.

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